Our Under 10 Learn to Play Level 3 Program is for girls and is sponsored nationally by Tim Hortons. We are thrilled to have our Learn to Play Program sponsored by local businesses.

Learn to Play is a National Program offered by Softball Canada.  The Learn to Play Program is designed to be an introduction to the sport of Softball.  The emphasis is on FUN, ACTION and a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE, with a gradual introduction to non-stressful game situations.  It introduces Softball to children in a revolutionary way and ensures the girls have fun while improving their fitness and developing their skills.  It is action packed and fosters successful  development for all ability levels.  The Learn to Play Program allows girls of all skill levels to achieve the same number of skill repetitions and the drills offer a high success rate for every child, which improves every player's self confidence.  U10 girls play with a 11" RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) softball that is softer than a regular softball and will move towards real 11" ball later in the season.

*Our modified game rules include:

  • All girls will have a chance to try pitching and catching.
  • After 4 pitches if no strikes have been thrown, a coach/parent will step in to pitch to the current batter.  Once a hit/play has been made, the pitcher will resume pitching.
  • A catcher will be dressed in full gear and receive the incoming pitches, however, a parent/coach will back up that catcher so they do not have to chase missed balls.

 (Extra catching and pitching clinics mayl be made available to the girls throughout the season.)

This program has easy to follow lesson plans for all volunteer parent coaches.  Learn to Play contains activities and games that are patterned after informal playground games.  Each child has every opportunity to develop solid softball skills because everyone is active for every minute of every session.  This program is nationally recognized and approved.  All registered participants will be insured under Softball New Brunswick.



Girls in this program will play twice a week for 1.5 hours.  One night will be devoted to FUNdamentals making sure each participant receives the knowledge and skills required.  This session will focus on a high number of repetitions for each skill to allow the girls to master the game.  The second evening will be dedicated to modified play so the girls can get a feel for the game of softball that they will experience in U12.


*times as per game schedule

Wells Field



Suggested equipment for U10 is a properly fitted softball glove and sneakers or cleats.  We strongly suggest you purchase your own batting helmet for your child for hygiene reasons.

*Fielder's masks are not required but recommended. They give the girls and extra measure of confidence in the field so they are less worried about being hurt and more engaged in showing off their skills. Wearing a fielder's mask in U10 is a healthy habit that will aid an easy transition when the masks are required in the upper age levels of softball.



All registered players in U10 will receive a KVGSA Learn to Play T-shirt that they get to keep as well as a KVGSA keepsake.  We ask that they wear black shorts. 



The cost to participate in our U10 Learn to Play Level 3 Program is $105.00 if registered before May 1st.  After May 1st, registration is $125.00..



 U10 Game Play RULES 2019

- 5 innings – no new innings to start after 1h10m

- Pitching slab at 30 feet but pitchers can be 15 – 30 feet from plate

- Bases at 45 feet

- season starts with 10 inch balls and moves to 11 inch balls

- maximum 5 runs per inning

- half inning is complete when there are either 5 runs or 3 outs

- if pitcher pitches 4 balls, a coach steps in to pitch

- there are no walked batters unless the batter is hit with a ball

- no stealing home

- runners may leave the base on a steal once the ball has crossed home plate

- pitchers must wear a fielder’s mask

- catcher must wear catchers gear including helmet with cage, shin pads, and chest protector

- batters must wear a batting helmet

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