Selecting the Proper Glove

How big should my daughter's glove be?  

We have gotten this question more and more from parents whose daughters are either moving up in age level or are just getting a new glove because it is time.  Just because your daughter is getting bigger does not mean that her glove should also.  Your glove should be an extension of your hand.  Having a glove that is too big can negatively impact how well you are able to field the ball!  We try and base glove size off of position or possible positions she could play.

Middle Infielders (second base and short stop)

These positions tend to have smaller gloves for quicker transfer so we would suggest between 11.5" - 11.75"

Corners (first and third base positions)

These positions can handle a larger glove based on less time for reaction between the ball being hit and contact with the ball.  We would suggest no larger than 12".

A glove is an investment, so if you do not want to buy a different glove for each position she plays, a glove between 11.75" and 12" should work.

If you do invest in a new softball glove please know that it takes time to work it in properly!  Shaving cream is a great way to soften your new glove.  Rub it into the leather and then put a softball in the pocket and tightly wrap it with some string.  My dad always told me to then put it between my mattress and box spring and sleep on it to give it good luck before the season starts!  This will all help with the stiffness but the best way to get your new softball glove broken in is to USE IT!!  

KV Softball 2012