Coaches Corner

We do our best to help you feel comfortable on the field as a coach or on-field helper!  Below are some great videos to help you learn the skills needed for the game of softball and become a better coach!

6 Steps to Hitting - Jeff Ellsworth

How to Catch a Softball

Hitting Stance and Grip

Fielding a Grounder

Exit Speed Swing - Jeff Ellsworth


Coaching Aids

KVGSA 2019 Field rotation sheet.pdf
2019 U12 Coaching Tips & U12 Rules.pdf
Coaching GIRLS.pdf


 Lightning Protocol 

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If lightning is spotted, everyone must clear the field.  Once the players are outside the field fence they are the responsibility of the parents.  Coordinators will seek shelter in the shed and start a 30 minute timer.  If another flash is witnessed, the timer will restart for 30 minutes.  The sky must be clear before anyone is allowed back on the field.

Jeff Ellsworth Clinic Information

Jeff Ellsworth Defensive Guide.pdf
Softball Canada Strength and Conditioning Program.pdf

KV Softball 2012